The Art of Reinvention

Does creating a constant stream of original video content for your social media accounts seem like a daunting task? If so, it might be time to do a video stock-take. You might be surprised to discover what you’ve already got in stock that you can re-invent as a relevant, fun and engaging piece of social video content.

This “#CarryThemHome” Social Video we created for Homefield came from a longer film we had made for them showcasing the range of sports they offer. We’d shot far more on the rugby pitch than was needed for the final film, so we went back to the original video rushes and were able to produce this short piece to tie in with the Rugby World Cup last year.

Whenever you’re doing any filming, or running an event, it’s very easy just to remain focused on its core purpose, but as marketers we all need to develop a reflex to think about how else we can use the content we are creating and make sure we’re squeezing out the maximum value from it. And nowhere is this truer than on a film shoot where, in the old days, 95% of what was shot was left on the cutting room floor.  Today there’s an opportunity, often missed, to use so much more of what was shot.

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