The Scroll Stopper

You might have some really insightful and useful content you want to share using social media but you’ve got to draw people in to engage with it in the first place, and that’s where “The Scroll Stopper” comes in.

So what is the best tactic to create scroll-stopping social media content?

Video. Video is by far the most engaging form of content and allows you to engage emotionally with viewers in the shortest possible time. It’s also an opportunity to stand out from your competitors because, for now at least, the majority of content in feeds are still photos and text.

When thinking about creating your next scroll-stopping videos you need to consider the following:

  1. Have a clear understanding of what the purpose of your video is. Is it to grab a viewer’s attention so they will click through to a more in depth piece of content? Is it part of a series of snackable pieces of video content designed to work together to deliver your core brand message?
  2. Versioning. One size doesn’t fit all, different visuals will trigger reactions in different people, so make multiple versions of your videos to appeal to each of your market segments.
  3. Repurpose each of your videos for the different platforms. The context and the demographic for your YouTube audience is different to your Facebook audience, is different to your Twitter audience, is different to your Instagram audience. Take the creative concept for your video and re-work it for each platform.
  4. Emotional appeal: in-stream videos really need to go big on the emotional appeal, and do so instantly. While your YouTube video can run longer and have a proper introduction, for the busy Facebooker or Tweeter you need to immediately tap into their emotions.
  5. Variety: don’t always serve up the same thing. While you want your social media content to have a consistent look, feel and tone, you also need to keep it fresh and interesting. You know you’ve reached social media nirvana when your followers start looking forward to seeing your latest piece of content, so keep it coming, keep it creative and keep it unique.

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