Social Video Ideas For Schools

Unlike household brands, schools don’t have the luxury of a big marketing department to help them create and push out video content on social media on a daily basis so making Social Video part of your marketing plan may seem daunting. But schools have a natural advantage over many consumer brands when it comes to social media: they already have an invested, loyal community in place – parents, staff, pupils – who can help amplify their video posts.

Scroll through any of your social media feeds and you’ll quickly notice the predominance of video in it. Video tweets have increased by 50% since the beginning of 2016. Facebook’s algorithm favours video, so if you want to cut through, it’s becoming more and more important to make video part of your plan.

Here are three examples of types of Social Video schools can create:

The Cinemagraph: no schools have an unlimited library of professionally shot video to constantly draw upon, but they all have professionally shot stills commissioned for the prospectus. Using those as a base you can make a cinemagraph. A cinemagraph is essentially a still photo with subtle motion. The video at the top of this blog is an example of a cinemagraph. This example also shows how you can use motion text to bring a still to life.

Live: using Facebook Live, Periscope or Meerkat, schools can involve their communities in the action as it happens. Taunton School used live video really well  to involve us in the moment when pupils and staff took on the impressive challenge to swim across the English Channel. Not every activity is suited to “live video” but this event had all the elements it needed to make it compelling watching: drama, anticipation, unpredictability, and with the functionality on these live platforms for viewer interaction, you could ask questions that were answered instantly and send messages of encouragement to the swimmers. Thanks to its real-time nature the Facebook algorithm places a high priority on “Live Video” so it’s a great way of getting seen in news feeds.

The topical tie-in: take a look the calendar, what events are coming up that you can tie your Social Video in to? In this example, we re-purposed this footage shot for a film we’d already made for Homefield School about their sports programme so they could tap into a trending topic at the time, The Rugby World Cup, and share in the celebration of the UK’s win.

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