Video Marketing


The purchasing department at Clarins wanted to run an internal communications campaign to change the habits of employees so Liz Smith in collaboration with information designer Caroline Beavon developed and implemented a campaign that cut through the daily noise and captured imaginations. The central creative concept was “Plug into Purchasing”(“Branche-toi Aux Achats”) and Caroline and Liz created an animated

Homefield School

We work with Homefield on an on-going basis to develop and produce their video marketing.  Here are some examples of the videos we have made with them. We were selected as finalists for the TES Independent School Awards 2018 for “Best Marketing Campaign”.


Film footage created for an interactive online experience for users of the Mazda European websites.

Johnnie Walker

Mika Hakkinen in the Johnnie Walker Simulator. People were encouraged to try out the drink drive simulator to see the effect of drinking on their driving, as part of Johnnie Walker’s responsible drinking campaign. We shot this in a studio in London and the films were displayed on large digital outdoor screens at events and

Head & Shoulders

We produced a series of online video ads for Head & Shoulders. Everything freezes around the hero character while all she can do is focus on her itchy scalp. Quickly she spots a way to get relief from the itching when she sees the video play button, she grabs it and uses its point to scratch

Kallo – Are You A Sleep Eater?

Online video content created for Kallo. This isn’t staged, these are real members of the public falling for it. We had hidden cameras in a shopping mall in London and a brilliant team of promoters. It just goes to show, don’t believe everything you are told.