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Creative Video Installations

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Some creative video installations that captured our imagination:

This video goes beyond just a visual experience. Love it!  Apparently it uses an Xbox Kinect sensor to measure the depth and location that people push.  It is a stretched sheet of spandex.

This is simply mesmerising.  Our favourite moment is when dusk comes and you see a small sunset in some of the windows.  We also noted that there aren’t many windows with rain on it … If we had done this in London it would have looked very different!

Skip straight to 00:52 on this clip to see the beginning of this installation across the windows of this restaurant.  This is how we imagined Douglas Adam’s Restaurant at the End of the Universe might have been.

There’s something very sci-fi about this installation.  We love the way the filmaker has been able to turn generated images into something quite organic, as if they are living creatures.

Theo Watson has created a series of interactive video installations over the years.  We would have loved to have rolled around in his daisies.   And “Night Bright” is a truly enchanting experience for children.