David Thomas International Speaker

In life, sometimes you get to work with a provider who gives you a flawless product and service. EntertainingTV did just that.

I had not worked with EntertainingTV before so I was naturally nervous. From the outset, they put me completely at ease. I had one initial meeting where they made it clear what they could do. Their quiet authority was very soothing. We had plenty of phone calls and e-mails and two visits to the venue.

They were sublime in their professionalism on the day and surprised me with how committed they were. I was getting filmed during the day but they stayed behind to do some extra filming on the evening.

I was incredibly pedantic when it came to the final edits and kept changing my mind. Liz was the model of grace and patience in dealing with me.

They kept me abreast of all developments and timescales and never missed a deadline.

I cannot wait to use them again and I recommend them totally without reservation.

All in all, a fabulous experience.

David Thomas

This feedback was given by David Thomas after we produced 3 promotional films for him. These films can be watched on his website.

St Paul’s Knighstbridge

I’ve just watched it.  I have to say I’m very moved by the whole thing.  It’s an extraordinary and beautiful thing. The film is wonderful.  Moving between cameras and zooms keeps the interest and is so well judged; you’ve caught the dance perfectly.  I like the subtle change of fixed screen during the readings.  It’s a fantastic piece of work. Thank you.
Anthony Vernon

This feedback was received in response to the film we made of the final performance of the O Antiphons project

Affable Digital

You have been our most lovely, brilliant and favourite partner to work with this year – the results are fabulous.

Matt Blay

This feedback was received in response to the work we did for the Cloud10 animated films

Reach To Teach

The videos worked so well!  The angle of the shots were so on point there was no language barrier.  In the first video where you see Hysen pick a card and then watch his little face ponder over whether it is the right one and suddenly the light bulb expression when he realises he’s got the wrong card and picks the right one.  His face is so animated. You could hear our teachers quietly hold their breath first and then loudly cheer when he swaps and gets the right number.  It was great, so worth the time, effort.

Jaina Patel

This feedback was received after we produced a series of training videos for the Reach To Teach team to take with them to India to help train their teachers there.


I think this is spot on. Thank you very much for all your patience and help and for producing a fantastic video!

Rebecca Mellor

This feedback was received on completion of an 8 minute internal comms animated film

Ilze’s Chocolat

For me it was exciting to work with Liz, because I felt that I was part of something extra-ordinary right from the start. I am very pleased with the end results and I am sure that my business will reap much benefit from these films and the work and effort that Liz had put into this.

Ilze Van De Merwe

This feedback was in response to a set of video content pieces we produced for Ilze’s Chocolat website