Social Video Marketing

With social media and video now such an important part of the marketing mix, when approaching a film brief it is important to always be looking out for opportunities to create short, snackable content pieces for social media feeds.

As well as delivering a set of social video films, we can also assist our clients in the distribution of them onto their social media feeds.  Clients choosing to work with EntertainingTV  get far more than just a great video for their website, they get a full video communications package.

Here is a case study video showing how we work with Homefield School to provide them a full video communications service.

Embarking on a social video campaign presents a set of challenges, that we can help you overcome:

  1. How to make enough video content to be able to post consistently and frequently within a viable budget?

  2. How to do this and maintain a level of quality so your brand identity is not undermined?

  3. How to create film concepts tailored for social media?

  4. How, where and when to distribute your films and ensure it is done consistently and frequently?

  5. How to be responsive so you can tap into trending topics?

  6. Understanding what kind of video content works best on what platform?

  7. How to keep up to date with the ever-evolving social media platforms?

  8. How to keep a consistent flow of creative and fresh ideas for your video content?